“I have a partially vaccinated son, now 5 years and a completely unvaccinated daughter, 3 years. I had very strong feelings against vaccines already with my first pregnancy and was strongly decided not to vaccinate at all. Unfortunately, I had a very uncooperative pediatrician, who kept scaring me and disregarding all my concerns. It was a very tough time and I feel with every parent going through that phase. Now I would just go to another doctor. But then I had my first baby, so small and helpless and I eventually gave up. So my son got DTP and polio, starting at 3 months, in divided doses very far apart. Thank God he never had any reaction and I hope that this is partly because he was a fully breastfed baby and his immune system had time to wake up a little before the first vaccine “insults”. He never got any vaccines after those.

I was continuing doing my research on vaccines and got more confident and now I can easily argue with any health care professional. I got many books and DVDs which I give to each pregnant friend of mine to help them make their decision.

With my second baby, I also had a peaceful natural birth (although in hospital), delayed cord clamping, no vaccines, no drops, no separation of mother and baby. I feel very strongly about the first hour after birth and bonding. I was lucky to find a new pediatrician who respects my choice not to vaccinate.

Having sort of tried both approaches I can easily compare the health of my children. My son as a baby had more colds, coughs and had to take antibiotics twice so far in his life. But I strongly believe his immune system is strong and has overcome the vaccine’s harm, as he was breastfed for almost 2 years and I am a nutritionist so I dare to say we eat pretty healthy all the time.

My little girl loves doctors! Because she never has to go to any! She only used to go for checkups and had once a cold, otherwise she is incredibly healthy and resilient little girl. She never had a cough syrup, Panadol or antibiotics. Thanks God.

Being surrounded by super vaccinated children, the difference in their health is obvious. My children almost never miss school because of sickness, usually 1 or 2 days per year. Almost all other children have allergies, asthma, learning problems and very common colds.”