“My unvaccinated son, Nikolai, is now 13 years old - born in 1999. While I was still pregnant with Nick, by the grace of God, a friend handed a book called, ‘A Shot in the Dark’. Written by Harris Coulter and Barbara Joe Fisher, it offers an extensive history on the American blanket vaccine program, and the fallout in individual lives.

This introduction to the ‘vaccine controversy’ was explosive for me, and timely. It provoked me to read extensively on the subject. With a pending birth to think about, and the life of my child hanging in the balance – I wanted to know the truth, although I found it impossible to get anything but obviously rote information from mainstream outlets like newspapers, magazines, or doctor’s offices. So I put the time in to dig more deeply. Ultimately I read 25 books and hundreds of articles.

Then just before I gave birth, I stumbled across a statement made by Dr. Bob Sears about the Hepatitis B shot. Dr. Sears pointed out that the American Medical Association’s own web site gives an infant’s maximum recommended exposure to Aluminum Hydroxide as ‘25 micrograms’. Yet the Hepatitis B shot routinely given to newborn babies in hospitals contains an astonishing 250 micrograms! 1000% of the maximum exposure level!

In other words, not only is common-medical-sense being outrageously ignored but it doesn’t take a whole lot of sleuthing to see that something is terribly wrong.

Before Nick was born, I handed the nurses and doctors a ‘Birth Request Sheet’ stipulating that he was not to be given any shots at all (in case I was out of it!) From his birthday on, I have worked with pediatricians that comply with my no-shots philosophy.

I am happy to report that I never had a doctor refuse us services based on our position. Though had this been an issue, I’d have searched till I found a cooperative physician. My research convinced me that vaccines did little or nothing to prevent short term disease, and greatly increased the risk of chronic disease, auto- immune disease, neurological damage and learning disabilities!

Nick was breast-fed (nearly 3 years), given an organic and healthy diet, and - as much as possible - we avoided processed foods, sodas, white sugar, antibiotics and even over the counter medicines. We let Nick play out of doors, in the mud, with puppies licking his face and get a typical exposure to bugs, nicks and bruises.

Nick did contract typical childhood illnesses including measles, mumps, chicken pox and a host of stuffy noses and simply got over them. I did not run to the doctor or even buy over the counter medicine to suppress his symptoms when Nick got sick, with the exception of some baby Tylenol for high fevers. By permitting him to be/get sick and spend the time recovering naturally, Nick developed the stellar immune system that I believe is the heritage of most children.

The upshot is that in 13 years Nick is the healthiest child we know. He has NEVER had an ear infection. He has no allergies, no learning disabilities, and at this writing Nick has not been sick at all since he was 7 years old! He can be in a room full of sick kids with runny noses, flu, strep throat - you name it - and not contract anything. Thanks to these philosophies, Nick has been permitted to achieve his personal best physically and academically. He bicycles, plays soccer, football and he is already strong enough to pick his mom up and carry her (you’d be impressed if you knew my weight)!

In public school Nick has been in advanced classes for years. This year for example, he’s in 7th grade but taking 9th grade Algebra. With all my heart I believe Nick’s good success is due to good food, a positive environment based on the love of God, the omission of pharmaceutical intervention and our permitting him to develop a natural and powerful immune system.

By way of contrast, my brother gave his daughter (one year older than Nick) a full schedule of vaccines as was recommended by their pediatrician. Today my niece has severe allergies, reacts to every little bug bite with terrible rashes, and gets sick all the time. When she visits, we have to be very careful about what she eats, and as a result she is unable to eat many healthy foods, exacerbating the cycle of un-wellness.

It has become my personal conviction that the federal government should not be in the business of practicing medicine. Too many children have been permanently harmed by the federal program of blanket vaccinations. I was astonished to discover that the eradication of many modern diseases arrived well before a vaccine had been developed for them. And that recorded outbreaks of disease have been documented as a result of administration of a vaccine, rather than the lack of it.

Finally, I will say, that here in the US I have never had the least difficulty registering my unvaccinated child for public school, private schools or camps. As a result of parental pressure in the wake of protracted damage, each of our 50 states takes any one of 3 waivers, be it philosophical, medical or religious. Anyone needs simply to research their state’s laws, and take a firm stand (or move). I will never, ever, regret my decision to become an informed parent, and stand by my principles these 13 years now. I have a healthy happy child to show for that.

PS. I am 55 and have also not been sick more than a bad cold in Nick’s lifetime. But then, I too steadfastly refuse all shots.”